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If you are a professional, a student or a company in the field of animation film industry, get recognized, share your profile and build up your network! The Animation European Community can help you in developing your projects, looking for partners or finding new training opportunities.

JobAnimation.eu leads into the biggest Animation European Community.
It includes all the professional categories of Animation.
It also offers the user important opportunities:
building a professional network; comparing opinions; looking for and offering job positions; presenting new film subjects and personal work and experience.

Anyone can register with the Community database as a BASIC MEMBER, and be visible on the international market for free.
As a BASIC MEMBER you are entitled to a synthetic personal file. You will soon be entitled to connect with other members and build your internal network. You will also be able to exchange messages thanks to the internal messaging service.

A PREMIUM MEMBER registration will be opened very soon.
As a PREMIUM MEMBER you will be entitled to upload a full personalized profile and to link your JA page to your own blog, your personal website, your My Space, LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook pages. Users will be able to collect any information about you available on the web.
As a Premium Members you will be also entitled to upload your own videos on JobAnimation.eu You Tube channel which will be opened for you.
Booking as a Premium Member will give access to a special free ticket, for a first analysis of your new project or your work.

In order to register with the Animation European Community you need to fill all the fields of the Registration form in.

Once you are registered, youill receive an e-mail asking to confirm your e-mail address. Your registration will be accepted or rejected in no more than 5 days. In case it is accepted, youill be able to log in and manage your Profile.

The database consultation is free. You can start your simple or advanced research directly from the Home Page of the Community.
You can get in contact with other members, adding them as your own contacts or sending them internal mail messages.

We are eager to get in touch with you!
Do not hesitate to send your questions, we will be pleased to help you to build your personal network.
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